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The Hackney Society would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for their support. Many of them gave time and effort free of charge way beyond their initial expectations as volunteers. Others were paid for their help:

Robin Mallalieu, Julian Harrap, Sandy Consiton, Haydn Schaare, Brian Longman, Suzanne Waters, Gillian Symons, John Digby, Karen Bewick, Justin and Rosemary More, Ulrike Wahl, Pauline Moon, Sophie Madden, Steph Bosset, John Paton, Sarah Lau, Gerry McNamara, Andi Hall, Lisa Shell, Paul Robertshaw, Barry Shaw, Kirsten Forster, Ann Robey, Debby Lawrence, Elizabeth Pillar, Laurie Elks, Linda Fitzgerald-Moore, Isabel Sierra y Gomez de Leon, Richard Barron, Cathy Logan, Ray Blackburn, Jerry Cooper, Elizabeth Robinson, Jean Taylor, Ann Robey, Andre Glace, Stuart Cakebread, Rachel Godden, Nick Bishop, Nick Collins, Matt Payne, Glory Hall, Pat O'Leary, Christina Briggs, Cathy Logan, Byron Knight and his staff at Off Broadway, Stephen Selby, Terence O'Harte, Glory Hall, Monica Blake, Tony Gillet, Nick Perry, Kevin Moore, Grant Smith, Ian Grant and Jack Latimer. If we have forgotten anyone we apologize.

The project has been generously part-funded by:

English Heritage

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